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Schedule text messages to maximize engagement between the church and its community. With Scheduled, you’re able to send prewritten text messages to individuals or groups – automatically.


Reminders, prayers
or other messages
Increase the engagement of your
community with announcements,
event invitations or reminders. 
Send messages
to your entire community
It's possible to schedule your message
and send it later - automatically.
You can also send messages repeatedly
every day, week or month.

Scheduled for Church Communities

As a church, you want to build a steady relationship with your community and make everybody feel engaged. Scheduled helps you do this by giving you an easy, but very effective way to communicate with your community: text messages that you can schedule.

Remind people of the Sunday service

With Scheduled, you can send your community a reminder of the Sunday service or other events coming up. You can write your own custom text message and send it to an individual or to your whole community at once.

That extra level of thoughtfulness will make people not only go to church more often, but also significantly strengthen their relationship with the church as well.

Make your community feel more connected to the church

You can send your community relevant text messages like prayers, Bible verses, motivational texts or good literature recommendations.

This helps people to feel loved by and connected to their community. Even in the comfort of their own homes and during their busy workweeks.

Engage new guests in an effective way

As a church, you know how important it is to go that extra mile to try and engage new guests. With Scheduled, you can follow-up in a quick and easy way by reminding them of special services or events and make them feel included in the community.

How it works

  1. Write a message

  2. Select a contact or group

  3. Select if you want to Auto Send the message or not

  4. Select if you want to repeat the message

  5. When not using Auto Send: get reminded with a notification to select your favorite messenger 

  6. When using Auto Send: get a notification that your message was automatically sent succesfully (SMS only)

Packed with handy features

Scheduled gives you a way to easily connect with your community. Check out these handy features:

Auto Send messages

With Scheduled for Business, you can write texts and have them be sent automatically.

Import your calendar

Import your Google or Apple calendar. Scheduled recognizes your events.

Get message suggestions

Scheduled registers your events and gives you suggestions for important messages each week.

Send group messages

Import your contacts and create groups. This way, everyone will get reminded at the same time.

Recurring events

Repeat your messages for recurring appointments or events. Choose the amount of repeats you’d like.

Sync devices

Your Scheduled account automatically syncs across the different smartphones or tablets you use.

Your own fixed virtual number

With Scheduled for Business or Business+, you get your own virtual number from which you send and receive messages.​​

Manage messages

Archive, delete, skip or snooze your messages.



$ 2
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 5 messages
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
  • Get Message Suggestions


$ 9
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 300 messages
  • Auto Send from a Fixed Number
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
  • Get Message Suggestions

Business +

$ 49
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • Auto Send 2000 messages
  • Auto Send from a Fixed Number
  • Repeat Messages
  • Import Your Birthdays
  • Import Your Calendar
  • Get Message Suggestions


We hope you like Scheduled as much as we do. Nevertheless we love to hear feedback from our community. So just send us a note on Facebook or Twitter and we are happy to help you.

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