Get reminded when it matters

Never forget to stay in touch with the people that matter to you by scheduling your text messages for your favorite messenger. Think of someone who deserves a kind note, heartfelt birthday wish, or wish somebody good luck with their driving test.

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Sarah is thoughtful

Sarah and Ibrahim are friends. Sarah thinks about the anniversary of the moment they met and would like to send Ibrahim a text on the anniversary day. However, she is concerned that she will forget to do so on the right day.

scheduled illustration schedule a moment

Sarah schedules a moment

Sarah grabs her phone and opens Scheduled. She writes a heartfelt message to Ibrahim and plans it for the anniversary day.

Get reminded when it matters

It's Friday morning, the day of the anniversary. Sarah gets notified by Scheduled, and selects her favourite messenger app to send the heartfelt message she already wrote in Scheduled. Ibrahim reads the text message and is excited to receive it on this important date.

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Scheduled, schedule your text messages for your favorite messenger

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